Photo: Frank Hellenkamp
Photo: Frank Hellenkamp
Photo: Frank Hellenkamp
Photo: Frank Hellenkamp

Shir/ E.AnkriEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:04:34

We sail Away/ E.AlonyEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:04:40

Happy/ E.AlonyEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:03:24

Ani/ E.AlonyEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:04:48

I had a king/ J.MitchellEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:07:32

Rise/ E.Alony, O.LeichtEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:05:38

Efrat Alony A Kit For Mending Thoughts

Efrat Alony, Oliver Leicht und Frank Wingold

The Israeli singer and composer Efrat Alony has been fascinating the European audience and press ever since her arrival in Berlin. 

Expressive and urgent in her compositions, vulnerable - almost thin-skinned in her prose, and unmistakably unique in her agile, warm sound and style of singing. On the constant search for new paths- Efrat was crowned "one of the most important voices in the german jazz scene" (Ulf Drechsel, Kulturadio, Berlin Brandenburg) and her band Alony to “ one of the most outstanding ensemble of the current international singer-songwriter scene” ( Norbert Krampf, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

With Oliver Leicht on clarinets and electronics and Frank Wingold on guitars, Alony takes on a new “sound-adventure”: with a framework-that is without boundaries - open for excursions to rock and electronics.

Their popular art-songs and imaginary folksongs paint a fascinating mosaic, reflecting on a wide range of emotions, creating a "cinema for the ear", diving into the endless depth of improvisation.

Guided with the curiosity for the unorthodox and the unknown, as well as a great subtlety and finesse, with the serenity - to question - and the repose - to try and answer, this trio bewitches the listener.

Alony's music was best portrayed by Doug Ramsey (Artsjournal): "I'm not sure that there is a category for what Alony does. I'm not sure that there should be. Call it music.“ 

“A Kit for mending thoughts” (a co-production with the Berlin Radio RBB) will be released on Enja Records , Nov. 2012

Efrat Alony – vocals, keys, electronics, toys

Oliver Leicht – clarinets, electronics

Frank Wingold – guitars

(guest on three album tracks: Julian Sartorius – drums, percussions, calimba)

Efrat Alony

Efrat Alony

Efrat Alony

Trying to put Efrat Alony’s music in a box is a task destined to fail. Every musical compartment would simply be too small. Her ability to compose and sing in- between the musical genres, in a her exceptional unique style, is what makes her stand out and shine. 

"Untamable. The Israeli singer Efrat Alony bewilders with her voice, beauty and intellect. (…) Her timbre seduces us - to unstintingly listen." Tom R. Schulz , "Die Zeit" 


"I'm not sure that there is a category for what Alony does. I'm not sure that there should be. Call it music." Doug Ramsey, "Artsjournal" 


"….The music hits you with full force. Efrat Alony, with her dazzling versatile singing, enriches scat singing with sighs and lamentations and shows that Hebrew can both comfort and glow, like a candle…" Josef Engels, "Berliner Morgenpost" 


"Her voice is a lusty cross between Joni Mitchell's folk wisdom and Amy Winehouse's rolling purr. Alony's voice is highly trained, but what's most fascinating is her original music and lyrics. The style isn't quite jazz but something new and cutting edge... While I confess you may need to recalibrate your sensibility a bit to fully appreciate what Alony is doing, the journey is well worth it." Marc Meyers, 


"…Efrat Alony completely is at home in her music.  She commands her extraordinarily cultured alto voice with confidence… she sends shivers down your spine. …Alony treads exciting new paths. Her daring experiments are both refreshing and intense. The compositions – at times peaceful, at times stormy – are even more vivacious in a live performance than on her wonderful debut album merry-go-round"… 

Birgit Nüchterlein, "Nürnberger Nachrichten" 


"I love challenges“ she explains, "I enjoy trying to find a boundery, where one thinks one can`t push it any further, and then- do just that- try to jump over it. Every time anew, I’m startled, as to how flexible our minds, our ears, our abilities as performers and our ever changing perception of music really is" 

Born in Haifa, Israel, as a daughter of Jewish Iraqi new comers, singer Efrat Alony studied composition, arranging, jazz singing and classical singing in Israel, Germany and the U.S. Efrat was a featured as a soloist with many Big-Bands such as the Sunday Night Orchestra (CD “Overcast”, 2008), the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), the Radio Big Band Frankfurt, the Zurich Jazz Orchestra as well as the Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra ( CD „Songs for love lost“, 2011)  

Efrat has worked as a musical director and vocal coach for various theater productions, such with the renowned American director Robert Wilson. In 2006 she was awarded the Jazz Performance Prize of the Karl Hofer Society and the Jazz Institute Berlin. in 2008 and in 2010 she received the City of Berlin Jazz Award. In 2009 Alony recieved the „Nürnberg Nachrichten International Jazz award“ and in 2010 she was nominated for the BMW world Jazz award. In 2014 Efrat recieved the "german music author's prize"of the GEMA for Jazz composition.   

Since 2009 Efrat Alony is a Professor for Jazz Singing at the HKB College of the arts in Bern, Switzerland.  

Oliver Leicht

Oliver Leicht

Oliver Leicht

Oliver Leicht has been working for more than 20 years as a freelance musician in Cologne, Germany and the world. He has played and recorded with bands like: Frank Reinshagen Big Band, Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra, Paul Kuhn Big Band, Sunday Night Orchestra, Bremen Big Band, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Peter Herbolzheimers Rhythm Combination & Brass, the Big Bands of ndr, wdr, RIAS and hr (German Broadcasting Stations), [re:jazz] and Bob Brookmeyer ́s New Art Orchestra. Since 2005 he is a member of HR Big Band.

Frank Wingold

Frank Wingold

Frank Wingold

Frank Wingold lives in Cologne and is part of various local bands. He is professor for jazz guitar at the Univeristy for Applied Sciences Osnabrück/Germany and teacher for jazz guitar at the Prins Claus Conservatoire Groningen/Netherlands. He combines classical, jazz and rock oriented techniques on accoustic and electric guitars in developing his own style of improvisation and composition. His influences include the classical repertoire of the 20. century, traditional and modern jazz, the history of rock music and the music of eastern European and oriental cultures.


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